Wednesday, February 27

March First Friday--Roots

"Celebrate Our Roots" is the theme for this Friday night and there are lot's of activities planned by the Main Street Gang.  These posters tell the story.  And speaking of stories--if you have any to tell, please come to Digital Bridges Friday night and bring your photos and your tales of Milledgeville.  The folks from Special Collections at GCSU will be there to scan your photos and record your stories for their collection.  We know you would like to be part of the History of our great town and this is your chance. We are sharing some photos from days gone by and we hope you have many more that you will share with others on First Friday!

Pritchard Family about 1910--Milledgeville

Little Women Milledgeville

Bring your old yearbooks!

1936 GSCW yearbook

Tuesday, February 26

Prom Date

If you're going to the "Amici Prom" on March 9th we can hook you up with some great retro" Prom Attire"--  And we even have a great vintage Prom Date vinyl LP to get you in the mood. Won't it be fun to re-live those High School Prom days!  We'd like to send you there in "vintage style" so come on by and pick out a dress and start brushing up on those dance moves--March 9th will be here before you know it!

Check out another "prom post" by Booth 4 for what to wear and what not to wear to the Prom!

Sunday, February 24

Here Comes the Sun--Vintage Style

We are all happy to see the Sun and what a great day to visit OCT and shop our great selection of Vintage Clothes and Hats.  We have a great variety of both--- these two Milly gals are sharing some Sunshine with you today--Vintage Style!

Wednesday, February 20

Another Great Mag

From time to time we share magazines we like with you and this is another great choice. Anthology magazine is one we found on line that we really like. With Video and On Line Previews as well as a great Blog, this mag is the total package. Check it out and see if you agree!

Just to give you a taste---here are some of the great Magazine Covers

Tuesday, February 19

Vintage Art

OCT is a great place to pick up some vintage art at really reasonable prices.  We are sharing a few examples with you today but you really need to come down and check the selection for yourself. We love the retro colors and we think you will too!

Sunday, February 17

Go Mid Century Modern

If Mid Century is your style, we've got the book for you. Better Homes and Gardens is still known today for great decorating advice and this BHG home decor book is sure to please. You can also find retro furniture and accessories to complete your Mid Century look at OCT-- be sure to stop by soon!

Saturday, February 16

Three Friends Having Fun

These guys stopped by OCT today to check out the vintage goods.  They were lovin our vintage albums and the great selection of vintage clothes and hats. Here they are checking out the inventory. You should come by and do the same--don't miss out on the fun!

Friday, February 15

Vinyl is Back

If you are a music lover and especially if you love vintage LP's--we have an amazing selection at OCT.  The old school platters are hot again and you can spend hours browsing our collection.  The sound is unique and the choices are many. Come see us and have a Musical Weekend--Old School Style!

Wednesday, February 13

Pretty in Pink and Pearls

We heart our customers and we love it when they try on the merchandise!  Brigid came in with her mom (they are frequent shoppers) and tried on a couple of our fab headbands.  And doesn't Caphale look great in the vintage pearls.  These ladies know where to shop--come see for yourself--there is something for everyone at OCT!

Tuesday, February 12

If it does not stop raining we might need one of these!

Art and Collectibles-- we have something for everyone's taste and no matter what you collect--we've probably got it at OCT.  All this rain has us feeling coastal and Lighthouses are definitely a symbol of the coast. We are also sharing our favorite "Lighthouse" song by Nickle Creek.  Hope you like it too!

Sunday, February 10

This "Takes the Cake"

Wow this retro Cake Taker is a great find and what about the vintage "Skotch Kooler"---you won't find them anywhere else but OCT! Check Booth #4 upstairs for both of these great retro pieces.

This is a great vintage metal cake/pie carrier that has two functions -the large lid is for carrying a cake and a small lid is for carrying a pie. The knobs are used for locking the metal handle devise down for carrying. This is a great place to store your homemade pies and cakes. I'm sure this was used to carry baked goods to bridge night, parties and picnics in the 60's

We are lovin this red plaid "Skotch Kooler" from the 1950's. It comes with a heavy plastic sandwich tray on the inside.  This would make a great retro piece for your next party--use it to cool down some adult beverages or just for a decorative conversation piece.

Friday, February 8

What is Foxfire?

Wow, talk about bringing back memories---while stocking our booth recently a college student was browsing in the booth next door to ours and picked up these vintage issues of the Foxfire Magazine.  She asked me if I knew what they were about.  I told her what I could remember about the publication and the interesting stories about life in the mountains of North Georgia and about the books that were later published as a result of the successful magazines. She got me interested in doing a little more research, and I discovered that Foxfire Magazines are still being published today. Get the whole story here and come on down to OCT to get your vintage copies of this great magazine.

Find these vintage copies of "Foxfire" at OCT

The term "foxfire" is a name commonly applied to several species of bioluminescent fungi that grow on rotting wood in damp forests (like the Southern Appalachians) during the warmer months. These fungi typically produce a dim blue-green glow that can be seen only in dark, starlit areas, away from any artificial lights or moonlight.

A recent issue of "Foxfire" magazine

"Foxfire" is the name that an English class picked, in 1966, for a student-produced magazine they chose to create, containing stories and interviews gathered from elders in their rural Southern Appalachian community.

Wednesday, February 6

Read All About It

1927 and 1928--Talk about Vintage!  Vendor 13 is selling copies of The Colonnade from the 1920's.  The college newspaper from Georgia College aka GSCW aka G.N.I.C. is still being published today. What a great chance to own a piece of History from right here in our hometown.  You never know what Treasures you will find at OCT.  Come in soon--this find won't last long!

Monday, February 4

Tie it up

May we help you select a Vintage Tie?  We're all about vintage clothing at OCT and that includes the guys. Vintage ties are abundant and the selection is varied.  Come on down and pick your fave--we won't disappoint!

This pic from Tumblr

Find these Vintage ties at OCT

Sales clerk and shopper at Rich's Department Store
 1950's Photo from the AJC

Sunday, February 3

For your listening pleasure

We think this guy would enjoy our Vintage Vinyl Collection at OCT.  If you have not been in to check it out you need to. We have several vendors who sell vinyl LP's and we have a great variety--you can be sure we have something to please all musical taste!

The pics of Elvis are compliments of Pinterest and Tumblr.

Find this Elvis Album at at OCT