Tuesday, July 31

Album of the Week--"Prom Date"

Talk about vintage vinyl, try this collection of albums which includes songs from 1946-1951.  Big Band music--heavy with collegiate tunes like "Sweetheart of Sigma Chi" and "Rambling Wreck from Georgia Tech" to name a few.  Check out these pics from prom dates down thru the years -- get that prom dress out -- put some tunes on -- and bring back those great prom memories!

Find the Prom Date Album Collection at Booth 4

50's Prom
Double Date

60's Prom Date

70's Prom Date

80's Prom Crowd

90's Prom Date

                            In the "What were they thinking?" Prom Date catagory, we have two proud couples!

Patriotic Prom Date

The We Heart Prom
Prom Date

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