Monday, April 30

Help--I need somebody!

Help--Not just anybody!  How bout these guys--we love all things retro and the Beatles are at the top of the list.  Check out this poster from Booth #26 and check out a video that is guaranteed to bring back memories. We especially love the girls and the retro clothes and hair--come to OCT and get all the "Help" you need!

John, Paul, Ringo and George

Saturday, April 28

What would Donald do?

Come to OCT to shop of course.  For a trip down memory lane come visit us and re-live your childhood or introduce some memorable characters to your kids or grandkids--they all hang out with us and you can take one home today!

Donald Duck


Mickey Mouse

Miss Piggy with a Pie

Welcome to the Neighborhood--"Herndon's"

OCT welcomes a new upscale men's clothing store to downtown Milly.  Owner Kyle Stevenson is excited to bring a "True Southern Gentleman's Style" to Milledgeville. You have got to visit Herndon's Downtown on N. Wayne.
 Here's a few pics to give you a taste--we love the clothes and we love the decor!

A little something for the ladies too
High Cotton Headbands

Herndon's is named after
Kyle's grandfather

Tuesday, April 24

Milledgeville Living--Sneak Peek

This is a great magazine about all things Milly and thanks to the publisher--Jane Robinson-- we are so excited to get a sneak peek of the E-Version of this soon to be released issue--click on the link to check it out and enjoy!

Monday, April 23

The Baldwin--We'll be watching!

We will be watching as this project progresses--The Baldwin--Downtown Milly's first loft style living development.  The former Belk Department Store Building on Hancock Street will be the home to apartments and retail space.  We will enjoy watching and posting pics of the refurbishing and re-purposing of this historic building. What a great thing for downtown Milly--OCT welcomes The Baldwin--keep checking back, we will keep you posted!  Be sure to click on the photos to enlarge and enjoy this grand old building.

The Baldwin

Architectural details
Get the info here

Sunday, April 22

What's Cookin?

Once you visit the Fall Line Farmers Market stop by OCT and pick up some cookbooks so you can try out some new recipes with those farm fresh goods you purchased at the Market.  We have a great selection of cookbooks and we are sure you will find one perfect for your taste!

Fall Line Farmers Market in Downtown Milly

Saturday, April 21

Fall Line Farmers Market

If you have not been yet-- you must go.  The Fall Line Farmers Market is now being held every Saturday in the parking lot behind the First Presbyterian Church at 210 S Wayne in downtown Milledgeville.  We will let these photos tell the story. Be sure to click on the pics to enlarge and enjoy.  We bet you'll be at the market next Saturday!

Radishes from The Little Farm

Rutabagas from The Little Farm

The Little Farm has Jelly too!

Salamander Springs Farms

Free taste of Apple Butter Jam
from Salamander

Herb Bundles
from Salamander

Brad and Megan are the
Farm Mangers at elmstreetgardens 

Onions from Elm Street Gardens
check out their blog here elmstreetgardens.blogspot

Carrots from Elm Street Gardens
check out Brad and Megan's blog here

Get more info here

Wednesday, April 18

"Dog Days are Over"

The Dog Days are Over-- but no one told us--we've got the dogs-- so come see us and pick out your fave.  And check out the cast of Glee performing this song-- ya gotta luv it!

Sunday, April 15

Feeling Nostalgic?

If you love all things vintage and retro --or if you just need a big dose of nostalgia, come see us at OCT and bring your memories !

Retro Diner Sign

Retro Diner Cookbook-- OCT

Vintage Hotel Sign

Bell Hop--OCT

Retro Shoney's Restaurant

Big Boy--OCT

Thursday, April 12

Yella Holla--"Milly Style"

Emma was hanging out at OCT today with some of her peeps and she tried on this lemon yellow hat--vintage we might add--how cute is she--check out her yella T--gotta be a story there--"Milly Style"

Emma in Yella!

Wednesday, April 11

Very Vintage

You know that vintage and retro is what we are all about--you better come by OCT and get the look for yourself--check it out here and we'll be seeing you soon!

"Album Cover of the Week"

The Doobie Brothers band was formed in the early 70's and has endured through the years with numerous configurations of different members.  Their sound is unique and this album One Step Closer was released in 1980.  The band is still touring today and they remain a popular concert draw.  What is your favorite Doobie Brothers song?  Listen to ours below (from a 1996 performance in NY)   and keep on rockin!

Doobie Brothers Album
Booth #26

You can keep up with these guys
right here

Saturday, April 7

Fantastic First Friday

What a great time in the 'Ville last night--downtown Milly was rocking and rolling and everyone was enjoying the great spring weather and all the fun on Friday   here are some more pics for you to check out--click the pic to enlarge and enjoy.   If you missed the fun--we do it all again on May 4th--we will see you there!

The Campus at Dusk
What a beauty!

Dave Scott rocking it out
on his acoustic guitar
 photo by Kyle Collins

Kim Joris and friends at The Folks Art Store
photo by Kyle Collins

Art--Shout it out!
photo by Kyle Collins

Fun for all ages

Sax from the GCSU jazz combo

Keyboard  too

Sidewalk dancing
looks like fun

Art work by
Susan Harris Johnston

Face Painting too

GCSU group
Art as an Agent for Change

Performance Poetry

These gals enjoy the Poetry

Beth and Mia came
from the ATL to join in the fun

We had a ruckus in front of Amici's

FLR member rockin it out!

Southern Rock with FLR
these guys are good

Crowd enjoying FF after hours
"Sounds of the South"
at Amici