Tuesday, March 13

It's all about the Hats--"Milly Style"

You know we love vintage and retro style hats at OCT.  We have a ton of them to choose from-- for the guys and the gals.  When we think of hats--this guy comes to mind.  He is always wearing one and we definitely get that vintage vibe.  You've probably seen him around--he is the co-owner of Amici and he is the drummer in a well known band called Stokeswood.  He agreed to a few pics to show us some of his hat collection--check it out-- and them come pick out a hat for yourself at OCT. Thanks Jon--we love your "Milly Style"

Be sure you click on these pics to enlarge them so you can fully appreciate these great hats!

Classic Fedora

His favorite is a driving cap

What a cool sign!

Happy Hour?

Amici--check it out here amici-cafe.com

Ross Daniel
(aka Mr. GCSU/ thetruecitizen.com)
gets the menu board ready

What a deal--Thanks Jon Joiner

Here's the band and you guessed it
Jon's on the far right--the one in the cool hat
Stokeswood--check them out here stokeswood.net

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