Tuesday, July 31

Album of the Week--"Prom Date"

Talk about vintage vinyl, try this collection of albums which includes songs from 1946-1951.  Big Band music--heavy with collegiate tunes like "Sweetheart of Sigma Chi" and "Rambling Wreck from Georgia Tech" to name a few.  Check out these pics from prom dates down thru the years -- get that prom dress out -- put some tunes on -- and bring back those great prom memories!

Find the Prom Date Album Collection at Booth 4

50's Prom
Double Date

60's Prom Date

70's Prom Date

80's Prom Crowd

90's Prom Date

                            In the "What were they thinking?" Prom Date catagory, we have two proud couples!

Patriotic Prom Date

The We Heart Prom
Prom Date

Sunday, July 29

Give a Hoot ?

At OCT we love owls and here's a sample of our owls in a great variety of shapes and sizes--from fun to funky-- some vintage and some new.  Come see for yourself.  Hootie--Hoo!

Saturday, July 28

Rusted Bug

Bet this VW Beetle will bring back memories.  The iconic volkswagen-- what a fun vehicle-- and those who drove them were crazy about them.  This one sits in all it's rusted glory-- we still immediately recognize that shape and love that Bug!

Wednesday, July 25

This sums it up

At OCT we all love vintage and retro goods.  Our store is full of unique items.  Everything from home decor to vintage albums and a good selection of vintage and retro clothing.  If you like vintage, retro, and old school, then OCT's your store.  Come see for yourself and check out this video from Fossil for that totally vintage vibe!

Old School Beauty--"The Baldwin"

We promised to keep you posted as the renovation of "The Baldwin" continued.  We were so excited to see the construction barrier come down recently.  Isn't she a beauty!  Milledgeville's first loft style living apartment building is definitely changing the looks of an already lovely downtown.  The light fixtures lend an old school feel and we just love it!

Monday, July 23

Two heads are better than one!

We think you will agree that two heads are always better than one--from bookends to decorative pieces --they are always better in pairs.  Check out a few of the "Heads" we are offering at OCT and come pick up a pair of your own!

Saturday, July 21

Early Voting

Vintage campaign buttons are highly collectible.  Here's a few we have for sale at OCT.  Come on down and pick out your fave and be sure to vote!

Thursday, July 19

Ghost Signs--Brown Bear

You gotta wonder what went on at "The Brown Bear Pool Room" .  We'd bet that some stories were told and some drinks were shared behind these doors.  We'd love to hear from you if you know the back story on "The Brown Bear". In the mean time we'll just imagine the fun--rack em up and call your shot!

Wednesday, July 18

"Girl's got Grille"

This gal's a sweet ride from the early 70's. The Oldsmobile Cutlass reminds us of fun times in a cool car.
Join us for a retro ride down memory lane!

"Girl's got Grille"

Sweet Retro Ride

Tuesday, July 17

A Trip to the Coast--Retro Style

Love this coastal scene--especially the retro colors.  We specialize in all things vintage and retro.  Find pieces like this art work and other retro items when you visit us at OCT.  If you're dreaming of a trip to the coast,  we've got you covered, retro-style!

Retro Art--Booth 4

Sunday, July 15

Vintage Vinyl

If you love old albums, you've come to the right place.  At OCT we have a huge collection and we would love for you to come browse and pick out your favorites.  We have multiple vendors who stock a complete selection of Vintage LP's   from a variety of artists and a variety of genres--we have something for everyone!

"Girl put your records on" 

Crystal was checking out Albums from the 70's


Thursday, July 12


The art of junking--Junkologist love rescuing and repurposing antique and vintage items.  We call it "Creative Junking".  Visit us at OCT and bring out the inner junker in you-- Junk--It's a good thing!

Cooper--Junkologist in training!

Tuesday, July 10

Currently loving--Vintage

This sign says it all "Old is the new New" and the evidence is everywhere.  Check out this video from Fossil introducing their 2012 Spring Line, and you'll see some of our favorite vintage items--Cameras, Typewriters, and Vintage Books. Get your inspiration here then come on down to OCT where we regularly stock all these great pieces--and Long Live Vintage!

We love this sign