Thursday, January 31

Let there be light!

We are lovin these pendant lights made from upcycled crystal and cut glass vases, decanters, bowls, pitchers and a variety of other containers.  You will find an abundant selection of this type vintage glassware at OCT and what a lovely use--get lots more inspiration here and here.

Tuesday, January 29

Cowabunga-- It's the 80's!

Don't you just love the 80's--Big Hair, Shoulder Pads, Leg Warmers, Members Only Jackets and Acid Wash Jeans! Well the Milledgeville Main Street gang is bringing the 80's back at their First Friday Event this Friday, February 1st. There will be lots of fun 80's themed activities going on downtown so dig back in your closet-- or better yet stop by OCT and pick up some great 80's retro attire to wear downtown and be sure and come out---you don't want to miss it!

In case you've forgotten (or tried to forget) what we were wearing in the 80's

80's Prom Attire--Love the Hair

This one's priceless--80's Twins

Speaking of Retro--OCT has a great selection of retro vinyl. To get you in the 80's mood we are featuring one of our faves--The J. Geils Band. The Band formed in 1967 but continued performing well into the 80's. Some of their better known songs like "Freeze Frame" and "Centerfold" were big hits in the 80's. Come pick up your favorite 80's music in true retro style--vinyl LP's at OCT!

Retro Vinyl at OCT

Sunday, January 27

Shopping for Vintage?

If you are shopping for Vintage we've got your answer.  Old Capitol Treasures is the place.  We have a great selection of vintage clothes and vintage goods.  From home decor to furniture, vintage books, albums and toys we've got it all. Come see us from 10:00 to 5:00(winter hours) Monday through Saturday and 1:00 to 5:00 on Sunday. We are looking forward to your visit!

Thursday, January 24

Sharing---Folk Magazine

Just had to share with Booth 4 Blog readers this most recent edition of "Folk" Magazine that their publishers are making available to everyone for free. The photography is amazing and the content is very interesting. Hope you enjoy this special treat. Find your digital preview copy here.

Visit their blog here

Wednesday, January 23

Vintage Advertising Tins

Not so sure what Gillette was thinking when they designed this vintage ad--has anyone ever seen a baby shaving?  Well it sure gets you attention--- and guess that's what it's all about.  We always have a good selection of vintage tins at OCT. They are great conversation pieces and the colorful tins would make a great addition to your vintage collection!

This Ad circa 1905

Find these vintage tins along with others at Old Capitol Treasures!

Monday, January 21

The more things change--The more things stay the same

We love all things vintage at OCT and the history of downtown Milledgeville is always an interesting topic.  There are others who share this love of Milledgeville History and they share photos and information on a Facebook Page called Milledgeville Memories. Recently there was a photo posted there showing a scene from Hancock Street and we are sharing it below.  This photo caught our eye and we decided to check those Georgia Normal and Industrial College yearbooks (see the story here) to see if there was an ad for this establishment that would tell us more. We were delighted to find that both the 1910 and the 1914 yearbooks had ads for Wootten's. We are also sharing today's source for those same goods-- The Box Office Book Store, which is now housed in the beautifully restored Campus Theater right downtown on, you guessed it, Hancock Street. The more things change the more they stay the same!

Find more historic photos here

The Brown Book--1910

1914 G.N.&I.C. yearbook

Where Georgia College Students buy Books and supplies today

GC bookstore--Hancock St--Downtown Milledgeville

Sunday, January 20

Presidential View

In honor of the upcoming inaugural activities we thought it would be fun to share with you our "Presidential View".  We have lot's of collectible items that will provide that "Commander in Chief"' flavor. Come on down to OCT and see for yourself, the Presidents will be waiting!

Friday, January 18

Face Time

We've been seeing some strange faces around OCT lately.  But quite frankly, we like it that way.  Come down and see for yourself--we think you will enjoy some "Face Time" with us.

Wednesday, January 16

Oriental Trading

We have very unique items for sale at OCT and we have something for every decor style and something for everyone's taste. Oriental items can often be found and we thought we would share a few pieces with you today. You must see our whole selection to fully appreciate it, but here's a taste!

Monday, January 14

What a Beauty!

Sometimes it seems that we don't fully appreciate the beauty that surrounds us right here in our hometown.  Walking back to the car after attending a dinner meeting at Georgia College tonight we noticed what a beautiful site the Governor's Mansion is at night. We just had to snap a picture to share. We take for granted the history and beauty of our town and this 175 year old building is an excellent example. Remember the story about the great old G.N.&I.C. yearbooks we found at OCT (read it here) below is a photo of the Governor's Mansion from the 1910 "Brown Book" yearbook.  As you can see very little has changed and that is what we like about it.  Aren't we lucky to have this grand ole dame of a building in our hometown!

Sunday, January 13

National Hat Day

Betcha didn't know about this! We love hats at OCT and we think it is a great idea to have a special day to celebrate them. We stock a great selection of vintage hats and one of our vendors just brought in several new hats that she scored at an estate sale. Take a look at some of our faves from our collection at OCT and thanks to Goorin Hats for letting us know about this great new holiday!

Thanks to Goorin for sharing Hat Day

Find out more about Hat Day here

Saturday, January 12

That 70's Show

Retro goods from the 70's--we've got 'em.  Orange, Brown, Bright Green--all your favorite colors from the 70's make a come back at OCT.  We're in love with this era and we think you'll like it too!

Thursday, January 10

Arts and Crafts--Get Inspired

A trip to OCT can be inspirational--lots of things you can re-imagine and lots of inspirational books. Here is a sample of a great Arts and Crafts book from Booth #8 and there are plenty more where this comes from. We love this creative repurpose from Pinterest. Taking vintage items and re-inventing them--what a great idea.  Come by and see what inspires you!

Find this inspiration at OCT

Find this great idea here

Wednesday, January 9

Wednesday is brought to you by the letter b

You all know we love vintage items at OCT---but we also have new items for sale too!  Most of our vendors shop at Estate Sales, Thrift Stores, Yard Sales and Flea Markets to "pick" those unique items for re-sale in their booths. Sometimes we run across new items we can pick up at a reasonable price and pass those savings on to our great OCT customers.  These serving pieces are brand new and if you happen to like the letter b--you're in luck!  Visit Booth 4 and see for yourself--you will always find the best buy's at OCT!

Tuesday, January 8

"Hell's Belles"

Gotta love a Southern Belle-- the Spitfires, the Bad Seeds and the Steel Magnolias of the New and Old South.  They are all described in the book "Hell's Belles" and we have a copy waiting for you at OCT.  Southern women are strong and strong headed but they know their manners, make good sweet tea, and have often been known to say "Well I do declare!". So come on down and see us soon--we love all things southern and we're guessing you probably do too!

Southern Belle Book

Southern Belle Vintage Ceramics

Southern Belle Vintage Art