Sunday, September 30

Welcome to October and Welcome to a new Vendor

We are excited to welcome October--Fall is our favorite time of year!  And we're also excited to welcome a new vendor upstairs at Old Capitol Treasures.  We are giving you a sneak peek and it's lookin good--come check it out and see what you think!

New Vendor--Vintage Advertising


New Vendor--Music to our ears!

Saturday, September 29

Stylish Shoppers

We love it when local gals come in sporting a vintage, eclectic look-- and when we spotted Alexa and Kimberly today, browsing at OCT, we had to snap a pic.  We're lovin Kimberly's skeleton T and Alexa's vintage vibe.  The devil is in the details and Alexa gets it right with a great vintage purse and those gorgeous bangles and Kimberly's rockin it in the funky T.  We think you'll agree that only the most stylish gals shop at OCT.  Come on in and check out all our vintage threads and get the look yourself!

Wednesday, September 26

"The Vinyl Underground"

Check out this story by Scott Carranza in the Georgia College newspaper The Colonade, about one of our favorite subjects-- Vintage Vinyl.  Scott agrees that the quest for retro albums is alive and well right here in the 'Ville.  We also appreciate the shout out to OCT as a great place to pick up your favs.  This is definitely one of ours--Iron Butterfly's Ball.  It was released in 1969 after the enormous success of  "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"  and the album quickly reached #3 on the charts and was certified gold in March of '69. For all you psychedelic rock fans these are your guys, and guess what-- they're still touring.  Check out their web site here .  And what about these amazing posters---Luv the retro look. Come see us at OCT and this rock album can be yours!


Monday, September 24

Vintage Inspiration

By now you know we are all about Vintage at OCT.  We especially enjoy the vintage inspiration we get from our customers who love this style as much as we do.  They know where to come to get the vintage vibe they are searching for--we've got it all--clothes, hats, shoes, jewelry and other accessories to complete the total look.  We're sharing a few pics of our favorite local vintage gals along with a video from an online boutique called "Ruche".  We love their vintage style and you can get the same look when you come visit us at OCT--you'll be so glad you did!

For more on Ruche be sure to check out their web site and their blog and come see us at Old Capitol Treasures to get your vintage fashion look!

Sunday, September 23

Favorite Mag--"Garden and Gun"

We just got the newest issue of our favorite mag in the mail yesterday--"Garden and Gun"--if you have never seen it you must check it out (it's sold at the new Kroger in the 'Ville).  Don't let the name fool you-- the magazine covers lots more than just Gardens and Guns.  It's about all things Southern--Music, Art, Food, Clothes, Home Decor  and much, much more.  We love it, and if you're lucky you may come across a few of the back issues for sale at OCT--Booth 4.  And while we are on the subject of magazines--several of the vendors at OCT sell back issues of their favorite mags for great prices (much less than newstand pricing) so come check it out and see if you can find your favs.

New Issue

Our kind of Music!

Mint Julep anyone?

Fav back issue--gotta love a pecan pie!

Hunting and Outdoor Sports are often featured

You'll find lots of outdoor pics like this

For more G and G be sure to visit their blog
and check out their facebook and pinterest page

Saturday, September 22

Bookworms Appreciated

Today was one of our favorite events of the Fall-- the Annual Library Fair in downtown Milledgevillle--bookworms were welcomed!  This is a yearly fundraiser for the "Friends of the Library" -- the book selection is fantastic and the prices are great.  Today was no exception.  We picked up some great vintage books that we will be sharing with you in future posts. For now we are sharing a few pics from today--the event was a huge success!

So many choices

Got Books?

Blue Skies and Books in the 'Ville!

Wednesday, September 19

Characters Welcome

At OCT characters are welcome and we certainly have our share.  Vintage collectible toys are abundant and bring back fond memories.  Come shop with us and pick up your favorite character from the past--here's just a few that you might recognize!

Monday, September 17

A little bit of this and a little bit of that !

At OCT you will find a delightful variety of items to choose from. We pride ourselves on offering an eclectic mix of vintage, retro, antique, unique, quirky and unusual collectibles.  It's a great place to spend your lunch hour, an afternoon, or maybe even all day browsing 2 floors of vintage wonderland. Come see for yourself---we'll be expecting you!

Saturday, September 15

60's Fun

The 60's were fun and at OCT we can help you bring back the fun.  Troll dolls were all the rage in the 60's and the more you had in your collection the better--how cool are these guys--talk about a trip down memory lane! And remember the Jetson's?  Judy and Elroy were the 2 kids in the family -- this space family was way ahead of it's time!  Come on down to OCT and bring back the fun--60's style!

Gotta love a troll!

Meet the Jetsons

Wednesday, September 12

Classic Clothes--"Milly Style"

At OCT we have a great selection of vintage, retro, and classic clothing.  Several vendors stock very classic, gently used pieces.  You can also find some rad retro and vintage items.  Whether you are looking for classic everyday pieces or if you're dressing for a themed party--this is the place!  Come on by and we'll hook you up--the prices are great--and you'll be dressing in "Milly Style".

Classic Blue Blazer?
Score one like this at OCT

Need Tweed?
You'll find many tweed pieces at OCT

                These pics are compliments of one of our favorite sites

Monday, September 10

Let's Bowl

Remember when bowling was all the rage?  Bowling leagues were popular and everyone enjoyed a night at the bowling alley. If you're feeling nostalgic come check out our vintage bowling bags at OCT, and with the matching throw you'll be right in style-- "Retro Style" that is!

Retro Bowling Sign

Retro bowling bag and throw at OCT

Family bowling night 60's style

Saturday, September 8

Vintage Jewelry

At OCT we have an amazing selection of Jewelry.  There is something to suit everyone's taste from vintage estate jewelry to handmade jewelry, we've got you covered.  Come on down and browse because you've got to see for yourself.  The choices are many and the prices are great!  Here is a little peek of what is in store for you.

What a great way to display those vintage jewels!

Bracelets galore at OCT

Vintage Broches and Handmade Jewelry at OCT

More lovelies from OCT

It was Yummy!

Congrats to the Main Street First Friday gang for a very successful "Taste of Milledgeville"--the food was great and the music, art, and childrens activities were awesome. Everyone had a great time! Here are a few pics from last night's First Friday in downtown Milly --and we're already looking forward to next year's "Taste".

First Friday Art in the 'Ville

Taste Tickets

Amici's Pizza Guy

Jammin in the 'Ville

Eat Mor Chikin

I want my "Taste"

Zumba Queen

This cow can dance!