Thursday, November 29

We're feeling kinda Red and Black!

We are feeling the Red and Black at OCT--Georgia Bulldog Red and Black that is.  Yep, we've got the fever and we are pullin for our Bulldogs to rule on Saturday in the SEC championship.  Come by and satisfy your craving for the Red and Black and pick up a Bulldog or two.  You'll be ready for Saturday-- Uga style!




Tuesday, November 27

Tis the season

We love this time of year at OCT--we have a great selection of gifts for everyone on your list--vintage, retro, old and new--we've got it all. If you're trolling around for some gifts, put your heads together because we know you love to shop.  You'll have a jolly good time at OCT and you never know who you might run into!
Come on down and see for yourself what a great shopping experience-- right here in the 'Ville!

Sunday, November 25

Rings--we've got 'em!

At OCT we have a great selection of Jewelry. Rings galore along with vintage brooches and bracelets, necklaces--you name it.  Please stop by and check out our jewels--there are several vendors who have great choices.  We are sure you will find what you need and gifts for others too!

Pic from




Friday, November 23

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday!

We hope you are having a fun and successful "Black Friday".  In honor of this "shop till you drop" day we've got a few pics to share.  We do black well at OCT and we are sure you will agree.  Come on down and see for yourself. Small Business Saturday would be a great time to stop by.  Add OCT to your list of great local shops to visit.  Black is back and Small Biz is in!

Tuesday, November 20

Family Time

Thanksgiving weekend is family time.  Over the next few days and throughout the weekend-- you'll probably get to hang out with your relatives--- we enjoy family time at OCT as well.  We hope you will "carve" out some time to visit with our fam, we'd love to have you join us!

The Twins

The Triplets

The Brothers

The Sisters

The Babies

The Parents

The Grandparents

Sunday, November 18

Gotta Love Fall

We love this time of year.  Great weather and beautiful scenery and a great time to shop at OCT.  Brittany is a regular and she was lovin this vintage framed chalk board.  Thought we'd share some more of the Fall goodies that are waiting for you at Old Capitol Treasures--come on in and see for yourself--you will certainly be glad you did!





Saturday, November 17

Have Fun

Okay, it's the weekend and time to have fun!  Hope you can fit in a trip to OCT and get a jump start on that Christmas Shopping--or better yet just find something for yourself.  We've got it all.  Come on down and see for yourself--we'll be expecting you!

love this pic from

Hi Ho--Hi Ho-- to OCT we go!

Wednesday, November 14

Photo Finds

Ever wonder why someone would give up those vintage photos of their long ago relatives?  When we see photos like these we wonder about the people---where they came from--- what their lives were like.  They often tell a story of the times,  the looks on their faces, the vintage clothes,  sometimes they are smiling and sometimes they are not. Lots to ponder and so much fun to look through.  Here are just a few of the photos you can find for sale at OCT.  Come by and browse through our selection soon--you might find a photo you connect with!

Monday, November 12

Vintage Variety

We love vintage clothing and we have a huge selection to choose from at OCT.  From every era--we've got your style. Be unique and be stylish--for vintage and retro threads in the 'Ville you know where to shop--OCT--get your vintage variety and make it your own!


Saturday, November 10

Long Weekend--Road Trip?

Check out this video from Mod Cloth about Nashville and all the cool places we should visit when we go there.  Makes us want to take a road trip!  Love the vibe-- but if you can't travel we've got a few places here in the 'Ville you might want to check out--be a tourist in your hometown--Milly Style!

This video is compliments of one of our favorite blogs and you can also check it out here
 If you can't do Nashville than you can sure do Mville!


Friday, November 9

The Weekend

Forget about the week and enjoy the weekend.  Take a hint from this guy and put the week behind you.  Enjoy the weekend and be sure to include a stop by OCT.  We've got 2 floors of vintage goods for you to shop and browse and enjoy.  Vintage Books and Albums along with lots more cool stuff for you to choose from. Come on down we'll be waiting for you!




Wednesday, November 7

Looking for a Sign?

If you are looking for a sign you've come to the right place. Vintage style advertising art-- and quite a variety to choose from --find it at OCT!  Here's just a few--and we've got more--come check them out and pick up your favorite.






Tuesday, November 6

Fun to Collect

Vintage Ceramics are fun collectibles.  Figurines, vases--a great variety and so affordable.  Come by and check them out for yourself.  We are betting you'll go home with one--or more.  Fun to collect and enjoy--gotta love Vintage!

Cute Couple

Two Horses are better than one!

Cute Kitty

Sunday, November 4

Feeling Presidential ?

If politics are your thing--we've got you covered.  Many of our vendors have great selections of books covering pretty much any subject you are interested in.  With the election just around the corner we thought we'd share a couple of books that might get your political juices flowing along with some vintage campaign buttons you can find at OCT. Don't forget to Vote and don't forget to stop by Old Capitol Treasures!