Wednesday, February 29

We Love Downtown Milly and We can't wait for First Friday!

Come on down--downtown that is-- this Friday, March 2nd-- is First Friday in downtown Milledgeville and you don't want to miss it!  There will be all kinds of activities for all ages.  We will be rocking it out at OCT.  Vendor 26--you know,   the one with the great collection of vintage albums--will be playing some of those albums for your outdoor listening enjoyment.  There will also be some couples dancing--so you may want to join in.  It all starts @ 6:00--come participate in all the fun then grab a meal at one of our great downtown restaurants.  We'll be looking for you!

Come get your shop on

Come get your dance on

Come listen to our tunes

Downtown Milly
The place to be on First Friday

You can eat here

Wrap it up at The Brick

The food's always great here!

Bring Yo Momma to The Buff

Get BBQ here

Sounds good to us!

Get your night cap here
Blackbird Coffee

This sums it up!

Tuesday, February 28

We love the South

We love the South and we are so lucky to live right in the middle of it!  Come see us at OCT for all things Southern--You'll be so glad you did.

Be sure to click on the photos to enlarge them and get the full Southern Experience!

Find this book in Booth#4

Photo Art from Booth #4
Scene from Georgia College

Looks like a Southern Gal
Booth #41

Planning a Wedding?
You need this book from Booth #4

A true Southern Town
Find this book in Booth #8

Monday, February 27

This could be you

We love- love- love this retro look, and this could be you---we have got the vintage vibe at OCT and the threads to prove --you  have got to come see for yourself--we are expecting you soon!

learn more about the
photographer here

Sunday, February 26

Good things come in Threes

Good things come in threes--Meagan, Madeline and Leah--we think you'll agree! These lovelies came by OCT to shop on Saturday and they were lovin our retro goods.  Take one look at their style and you will see why.  Very-Very-Vintage and spot on--"Milly Style".  You can get the look--OCT can make your Vintage Vision come true!

Oh--and btw, Megan shared with us that she works for backdropsfantastic at their Macon location, what a creative place to work--be sure you check it out!

Meagan, Madeline, and Leah

Vintage Lovelies

These girls (above) remind us of these girls (below)
Find more inspiration here

This store (Red Velvet) reminds us of our store (Old Capitol Treasures)

Vintage goods like ours!

Weekends--"Milly Style"

Classic houndstooth booties--we are lovin this trend--they look like the perfect comfortable weekend shopping shoes and Mallory was doing just that at OCT on Saturday.  She tells us she is a frequent shopper and we get it--because all the stylish gals and guys shop with us--come see what you are missing!

B&W Houndstooth  comfort

Boho Illustrated

We loved Abby's Boho look and she loves shopping at OCT.  She stopped by with her mom on Saturday and she agreed to let us snap a pic of her laid back style. We thought the locket/ watch necklace was vintage but it was new--and it came from Nordstorm--a gift from a really good friend --a friend with great taste we might add!  We love Abby's "Milly Style" and she was such a sweetheart--we hope our Boho girl will come back soon!

Boho Abby
The chair is from Booth #50

Lovely locket watch

Nicole Richie has a look that is synonymous with Bohemian Style--if you like the look --come see us at OCT--we've got a great selection of vintage and retro clothes and accessories and we can provide the threads to make you Boho Chic just like Abby and Nicole!

photo from

Tribal Revival

Colin and Brhino were checking out the authentic Tribal Masks that Vendor #16 brought back from a trip to Ghana (Africa that is).  Talk about unique-- these are the real thing--but something came over them when they agreed to model the Masks for a quick pic--not sure about the book selection Little Women ?
It was all in fun and Brhino ended up up purchasing the colorful mask he tried out, as a gift for a family member.  These guys know how to have a good time and they certainly enjoyed their trip to OCT.

That's Colin on the left and Brhino on the right

Little Women?

Top It Off

Top it off like Mary Lillie did--she was in the store Saturday and we just had to ask about her hat.  It is a custom design from "That Garrison Girl"-- you can learn more here thatgarrisongirl about the Atlanta based milliner who is responsible for this great look.  We've also got lots of great hats at really great prices at OCT, so come on by and see if you can find one that fits your "Milly Style".

Mary Lillie and her one-of-a-kind Hat!

Just Hanging Out--"Milly Style"

Daniel and Heidi stopped by OCT to shop on Saturday and they were lovin the vintage clothes and accessories they found at the store.  We could tell from the hipster looks they were already wearin that they would feel right at home in our shop.  Daniel is a student at GCSU and Heidi is a friend from back home--we like Daniel's comfy cords and the nubby green sweater and Heidi looks great in the skinny jeans with the classic maroon and white stripe shirt.  Her sling strap bag definitely had a retro look--but it was new--and a gift from her mom.  Way to go mom--we love the hip look--"Milly Style".

Hip look
Heidi and Daniel

Retro look Bag

Thursday, February 23

Filigree is Fine

We love this gorgeous vintage filigree necklace that Whitney was wearing when she stopped by OCT.  Romantic and feminine--we think Filigree is Fine and so "Milly Style".

Whitney's Fabulous Filigree

Tuesday, February 21

"Album Cover of the Week"

Check this out--the Hondells were an American surf rock band who hit the top 10 with the 1964 hit single "Little Honda".  The song was inspired by the popularity of Honda motor bikes in Southern California during the early 1960's.
Check out the back story here and you have got to see the video here --it is so much fun to see what the cool cats were doing in the 60's and check out the chicks that were bouncing on the back of the bikes. Pick up your copy of the Hondells LP at OCT booth #26 and get your ride on!

The Hondells
Lovin the hair and those sweaters!

You're going to want a Honda!
pic from

Monday, February 20

"Unique this week"

These Art Deco decanters and vases are just in from Vendor #13 and we love the colors.  Can't you imagine the red one on your bar or sideboard--Marvelous Retro--we deliver at OCT!

Glamorous Glass

Unexpected Pieces--"Milly Style"

Dominique had it going on today and the stylish mix of the fur lined boots and the floral boho dress were definitely "Milly Style".  We loved her look and we were so glad she and her sister Francesca stopped by OCT today.  This outfit works--check out this boho beauty--"Milly Style"


Shoe gazing
Bet you would have noticed these too!

Two for the road--"Milly Style"

Marcus and Francesca (from Warner Robins) were visiting Mville today and made sure to stop by OCT. He was looking for a vintage album and found just the one he wanted in Booth #26--this Isley Brothers LP originally released in 1977.  We thought they they were both stylin-- and they agreed to a photo so we could share their hip look with you!

Marcus and Francesca
Thanks for the road trip

Sunday, February 19

Having a bad hair day?

We can relate--so come to OCT --where we can help you with some retail therapy, just ask this little guy!

Blue Hair Troll
in the Book Nook--Booth#8

"Color Karma"--Rolling in the Deep--You can have it all !

House of Blues?--We are lovin blue this week--and you can see why.  If Blue is your fave come see us at OCT and find your thrill on Blueberry Hill!

Ruffles are in--Booth #32

Vendor #4

"The Art Nest"--Booth #4

Vendor #41

Vendor #32

Vintage Decanter--Vendor #18

 Sky Blue Vase--Booth  #57

Vendor #16

Cobalt Blue Candy Dish--Vendor #32

The Space Mug--Booth #9

"The Space Hut"--Vendor #8

Booth #8

Blue Goose--Booth #23

Tea for two--Vendor #23

Baby Blue--Booth #23

Need we say more?
Vendor #16

Royal Blue--Vendor #9

Blue for you--Booth #9

Floral Blue--Vendor #9

Candle Stick Blue--Booth #9

 Sundae Blue--Booth #9