Sunday, February 10

This "Takes the Cake"

Wow this retro Cake Taker is a great find and what about the vintage "Skotch Kooler"---you won't find them anywhere else but OCT! Check Booth #4 upstairs for both of these great retro pieces.

This is a great vintage metal cake/pie carrier that has two functions -the large lid is for carrying a cake and a small lid is for carrying a pie. The knobs are used for locking the metal handle devise down for carrying. This is a great place to store your homemade pies and cakes. I'm sure this was used to carry baked goods to bridge night, parties and picnics in the 60's

We are lovin this red plaid "Skotch Kooler" from the 1950's. It comes with a heavy plastic sandwich tray on the inside.  This would make a great retro piece for your next party--use it to cool down some adult beverages or just for a decorative conversation piece.

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