Thursday, May 31

Beach Party--First Friday

We hear that there will be a rockin Beach Party (with 60 tons of sand ) plus an outdoor movie (Grease)  for June 1st First Friday.  You've got to come downtown and check it out--be sure and stop by OCT for some Summer Lovin!      
Get the details here

Wear you flip flops and bring your beach chairs

Pig in the Sand at OCT

Summer Lovin

Grease soundtrack at OCT

Tuesday, May 29

Hard Hats Required--The Baldwin

We're still watching as The Baldwin progresses.  This loft apartment complex in downtown Milly is coming right along.  We can't wait to see the finished project.  Hard hats were required today and you'll see why--these guys were making it happen--what do you think?

Hard Hats Required

Can you hear me now?

Architectural Details

Takin it to the streets

Blue skies shining on The Baldwin

A full ride

Workin in the shadows

Monday, May 28

Pig Perfect--Encounters with Remarkable Swine!

A true Southern Icon --"The Pig"-- gotta love him!  Check out a couple of Pigs around town and some of the swine we have at OCT--come see us and get one of your own!

Saturday, May 26

The Secret Life of Bees

Had to share these nature pics--the photographer is Kyle Collins--the photos are bee-utiful--Have a great weekend!

Bee Calm

Bee Productive
Bee Yourself

Wednesday, May 23

Follow the yellow brick road

Follow, follow, follow--Follow the yellow brick road --all the way to OCT--check out this amazing Wizard of Oz art work--we've never seen anything like it.  We know Dorothy would approve--and don't forget the munchkins--check out the welcome they gave Dorothy.  You can get a welcome like this when you come see us and  Dorothy and the gang can be yours!

Dorothy and the Gang

One of a kind Munchkin Mug

Tuesday, May 22


Dudley Do-Right that is!  Remember this guy--your favorite cartoon hero from the late 60's.  This royal Canadian Mountie was always rescuing the damsel in distress, Nell Fenwick, from his arch nemesis, Snidely Whiplash.  Maybe this theme song will help you remember--Do Right!

Dudley Do-Right lunch box at OCT

More childhood memories can be found at OCT

cute retro babies



Sunday, May 20

Rock-Indie Casual--"Milly Style"

Reinvented Retro and a little bit Hippie--We are lovin the look and had to snap a pic.  Bonnie was browsing at OCT and agreed to let us get a shot of her Indie Style--btw-- she made the skirt and the hat--so cool!

Bonnie was checking out some of the Vintage Finds at OCT
You should come check them out too!

Thursday, May 17

Look who's hanging out at OCT !

A legendary hero who captured the world with his casual style and rebel attitude.  James Dean defined the essence of cool--There will never be another.  This song remembers him--Rock On--James Dean!

All the cool guys hang out at OCT
Life-Size likeness of  James Dean 

Tuesday, May 15

"Album Cover of the Week"

The Pointer Sisters from Oakland, California-- one of our favorite groups from the 70's and 80's and we've got the vinyl for you.  This one--Black and White--was released in 1981 and includes several  top 20 hit singles.  Can you remember your favorite song by these talented sisters?  We like-- He's So Shy--see what you think.  Oh, and don't forget to check out Ligia--she was shopping at OCT and we got the vintage sista vibe from her cute T--It's all about the sistas!

Lovely ladies--The Pointer Sisters

Catch you on the flip side!

Ligia--It's all about the Sistas!

Sunday, May 13

Far Out--Funky--Fun

This post combines some far out and funky decor that you can find at OCT along with some fun pics from a favorite restaurant/bar in downtown Milly called Buffingtons-- aka "The Buff".  We love the hip decor at "The Buff" and we think you will love the funky pieces you can find for your own decor at OCT.  A great combo of Far Out, Funky, Fun and great Milly Style!

Told you we've got Funky!

Vintage is the theme

Copper Lettering--We call it Art!

Neon Nights

Cool and Quirky--Folk Art at OCT

Far Out--Funky--Fun
We're not lion!

For the Record--OCT loves "The Buff"

This guy says-- "What happens at The Buff stays at The Buff"

Rock and Roll Royalty hanging out at OCT

Art is Fun at OCT

Atmosphere is Everything

Neon Summer

Think outside the box--Vintage art

How about Orange?
Eye Candy at OCT

Another view of The Moose
Go Big or Go Home!

This one's for you