Saturday, June 30

Rooster Love

What a proud and beautiful bird.  If you collect em--we've got em!  Come to OCT and strut your stuff--Rooster Style!

Beautiful Bird
photo by Kyle Collins

Proud Pair

Rooster Light

Canisters for you

Two for show

Friday, June 29

Road Trip--OCB and a Yellow Mustang

We were coming back from Macon recently and spotted this Yellow Mustang with the top down-- parked in front of a very familiar restaurant.  We had to pull over a snap a pic.  The Vintage look of the Old Clinton Bar-B-Q Sign has always been a favorite--not to mention the great food!  As we all get ready for the weekend and the 4th of July holiday, we thought these might be some fun summer photos to share!

OCB and a Yella Mustang

Blue Skies and Georgia Bar-B-Q

Thursday, June 28

Turning Heads at OCT

For the finest selection in Vintage Millinery come see us at Old Capitol Treasures.  We have ladies and men's vintage toppers that are sure to suit your style.  Heads will turn when you walk by wearing one of these lovely and stylish hats!

Lead the Fashion Parade in a Vintage Hat from OCT

1922 Hat Advertisment

More head turning hats from OCT!

Wednesday, June 27

Selz Shoes

What a find--probably the best example of Ghost Signs found in the 'Ville so far.  Smack dab in downtown Milly on the side of Chandler Brothers Ace Hardware Store on Wayne St.  Look closely and you can make out the letters S E L Z, the word shoe, and the outline of one.  Our search confirmed that this is an old advertisement for the Selz Shoe Company from the early 1900's and here is the back story encyclopedia.chicagohistory.  Check out some similar signs from other places here

Milledgeville, Georgia

Russellville, Arkansas

Chenoa, Illinois

Selz Ad from 1905

It is amazing that these signs have lasted so long.  Wouldn't you love to see them brought back--they are truly Vintage Art and we love all things Vintage!

Tuesday, June 26

Perfect Pair

A pair of parrots make perfect sense.  Vintage ceramics are all the rage and we all know good things come in two's.
Visit OCT for your perfect pair!

Parrot Pair

Monday, June 25

Hiding in Plain Sight

You pass by them all the time and they become so familiar you don't even notice them--  But these old structures are special--surviving so many years and still standing. You have to admire their tenacity and the owners who keep them in tact and don't tear them down.  We love old-- and this one is a beauty.
Find it on Greene St. close to the railroad tracks near the old depot at GCSU--Hiding in Plain Sight!

Still standing after all these years

Another View--B&W

Sunday, June 24

Unique this Week

Do you recognize this "Topo Gigio" doll ? He is a popular Italian TV puppet character from the 60's who was introduced to America on a CBS variety show called The Ed Sullivan Show.  We love anything Retro and what's not to love about this guy!

Topo Gigio hangin out at OCT

Friday, June 22

It's all in the details--"The Baldwin"

We promised to follow the progress of The Baldwin,  Milledgeville's new loft style apartment building right in the heart of downtown Milly.
 Here are some recent photos and some information about the namesake--The Baldwin Hotel circa 1908.

The Baldwin Hotel

Mrs. Emmie Jackson, mother of Oliver Hardy,  took charge of the new Milledgeville Hotel in 1908.  Mrs Adah Austin had the hotel remodeled in 1908 and the name changed to Baldwin Hotel. The entrance was made on Greene St. and two businesses were to be on Wayne St. (see photo) In 1909 the Milledgeville post office occupied the front on the first floor.  In 1910 The Milledgeville Hotel Company was chartered by M. A. and Alice Evans McCraw. In 1910 Oliver Hardy's mother operated  the hotel when Oliver worked at The Electric Theater across the street.  E. T. Milligan was the proprietor in 1913, The hotel was torn down in 1970. 

The Baldwin
Things are looking up!

The Baldwin
It's all in the details

Thursday, June 21

Eat your greens!

Ghost signs--faded advertising art-- brings back memories.  Sunshine brand-- Green Beans, Greens, Pork and Beans-- kinda makes you hungry!
We will be on the lookout for more ghost signs around the 'Ville and we will share them as we find 'em!

Wednesday, June 20

Vintage Florals

We love the great selection of vintage art at OCT and the floral paintings are our favorites.  Here is a sample of the art along with some other vintage floral inspiration we'd like to share with you.

Vintage Floral Art-Booth 4

Vintage Floral Art- Booth 4

Vintage Floral Art- Booth 4

Tuesday, June 19

Beat the Heat

Gotta love the Georgia Heat--and Summer officially starts tomorrow.  Maybe this will help us all beat the heat!

Urban Art in the 'Ville

    Check out this crowd jammin to our favorite Car Wash Song---looks like fun -- see you at the Car Wash Yeah!

Monday, June 18

"Things go better with Coca-Cola"

We have a great selection of Coca-Cola collectibles at OCT--and everybody loves Coke!  Here are some of our favorite items from the store and some Coca-Cola scenery from around town.  Enjoy and have a cold one on us!

Saturday, June 16

What a Ride!

Check this out--a group of motorcycle enthusiasts gathered at the Huddle House Saturday morning for a charity ride to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.  What a great cause--What a great day--What a great Ride!

What a Ride

What a Beauty

Patriotic Pride

Harley Pride

Helmet Hair--How'd she do that?

Line em up
photo by Kyle Collins

Ready to roll
photo by Kyle Collins

Harley D

Thanks HH
photo by Kyle Collins

We love the new "retro" sign--Way to go Huddle House!

Wednesday, June 13

Dapper Dads

We love vintage photos and have several for sale at OCT.  We thought we would share some of the pics of our favorite Vintage Dads.  It is always fun to speculate about those folks you see in the old photos--who were they and where did they live and what were their lives like?  Come on down and pick out some vintage photos for yourself and enjoy our Dapper Dads!

This one is special
Happy Fathers Day--Daddy!