Wednesday, August 29


Vintage Typography is a hot item and this is a fine example-- right here in the 'Ville. We love the lettering and the Art Deco style. We hear this building will soon be home to Quiznos--we hope they preserve the retro facade and we look froward to seeing the new signage, but we'll miss the vintage typography. Love the use of this form of art in home decor--don't you?

Vintage Typography

Signs are Fine

Font Love

Tuesday, August 28


Vintage brings us Joy!  At Old Capitol Treasures in downtown Milledgeville we specialize in all things Vintage and Retro. We love Old, Crusty and Rusty.  You'll  find Clothes, Furniture, Home Decor and Vintage Vinyl -- along with Books, Jewelry, Hats and Shoes.  What's your style and what's your favorite era?  Antiques and Mantiques--Vintage and Retro all right here in the 'Ville.
Come see for yourself and you won't be sorry---spread the "Joy"--Milly Style.

Retro Rock-N-Roll

We are rockin it out "Retro Style" at OCT.  You have got to come check out our huge selection of retro Vinyl.  We have lots of vendors with a great varitey of retro LP's-- and we're just waiting for you to come pick out your favorite tunes!





Saturday, August 25

Hats--Milly Style

We love hats at OCT.  Vintage ones are our faves and we have a great selection---come on down and pick one out for yourself--get the look "Milly Style"--we're wearin em in the 'Ville!

Milly gals in hats from OCT

Milly girl Rachel
in a Hat from OCT

We have guy's hats like these

A Milly gal
 in a hat from OCT

Thursday, August 23

Have a cup with us

Coffee or Tea anyone?  Have a cup with us.  How cute is this set--love it-- and it can be yours. 
Visit OCT for unique finds like this and have a cup with us!

Tuesday, August 21


At Old Capitol Tresures we have a great selection of  Ephemera. Vintage printed matter like post cards, vintage game pieces, photos, maps, receipts and ledger pages---the list goes on and on.  Framed as art or used for scrapbooking--here's some examples of vintage ephermera,  a popular paper collectible!  Come on down and pick out some for your next creative project.

Vintage Fam

Vintage Bingo

Vintage Maps

Vintage Post Cards

Sunday, August 19

Vintage Vibe at OCT

Have you noticed how everyone is loving the Vintage look these days.  In clothing, home decor, artwork--- the list goes on and on.  Vintage is in, and we've got you covered.  We love the vintage look in the Ralph Lauren Rugby Fall Collection and you can get the same look at OCT-- check out Helen Maire and Whitney wearing some of our vintage threads.  We have a great selection of vintage and retro clothing, shoes, and hats.  Come see for yourself--we'll be expecting you!

Helen Marie


Wednesday, August 15


You know we are all about vintage at OCT---we love these old motel signs--wouldn't it be great if motels still put up signs like this-- a great piece of Americana--- and we bet these are great spots to spend the night--Let's check in!

Going Green

Can't you just imagine a cool galss of tea or lemonade served up in these emerald green vintage glasses?  Better come on down to OCT and snatch these up-- they wont' be around long!

The green green glass of home!

Monday, August 13

Books and Bottles

Vintage books and bottles abound at OCT.  We would love for you to stop by and browse through our great selection of vintage goods.  If you enjoy vintage books, china and collecting old bottles this is the place.  Come by soon, we look forward to seeing you!

Sunday, August 12

New Vendor--"Attic Addicts"

On your next trip to OCT be sure to check out our new upstairs vendor--"Attic Addicts".  We are sharing a few pics of some of the items they are bringing in as they stock their booth.  You need to check it out for yourself---you'll be glad you did!

Comfort Food

Don't you love those old recipes that remind you of your mom or your grandmother.  Lot's of times you find them in a vintage recipe box like this one that we have in stock at OCT.  It is kinda sad that we don't often write recipes on index cards any more to pass along and share with others. It is so much fun to flip through a recipe box like this and remember those who were special to you. When you read through the favorite old recipes you recall the person that shared the recipe and often, the fun times you had with that friend or family member--don't you agree?

Thursday, August 9

Wondering what to do this Weekend?

How about a trip to OCT?  We've got a great selection of Vintage and Retro goods along with Antique and New items.  Home decor, furniture, retro clothes and vintage items.  We have 2 floors packed full for you to browse and enjoy.  A real "treasure" in downtown Milly--Come see for yourself!

Wednesday, August 8

When Pigs Fly

BBQ and Good Ole Boys--That's what we like about the South.  We are proud to be part of the Southern BBQ Belt.  Smiling Pigs are fixtures on Georgia Roadsides.  Here are a few places in our area where you can do some "Swine Dining" so check it out.  And we can't mention BBQ without looking ahead to our very own Deep Roots Festival.   The web site is up and the BBQ competition applications are available here  Georgia Bob's says it best--Put Some South in Your Mouth!

Tuesday, August 7

Vintage Vessels

At OCT we have a great selection of Vintage Decanters. Think summer cocktails, home barware, or just decorative accent pieces. We have a wonderful varitey of decanters. They make great wedding gifts and can become a first family heirloom. We especially love the ceramic character decanters from the 50's which are highly collectible and what about the two in cobalt blue? They would be great for wine, liquor or sparkling water. The cut glass decanters are classic and work well with any decor. Come see us and pick out one for your next party or gift.

Sunday, August 5

Vintage Traveler

You know we love old things at OCT--you will find lots of vintage luggage, books, cameras, typewriters and many other vintage items like these-- just what you need to add that special "collected over time" look to your home decor.  Come see us for all your vintage goods--we'll be ready for you!

                                                             All photos from

Saturday, August 4

First Friday Fun

Last night was Fantastic in Downtown Milly!  First Friday Fun was all over the 'Ville.  We had Cheerleaders--Music--Fun for Kids -- and much, much more.  Thanks to Milledgeville Main Street and all the downtown merchants and restaurants for throwing a great party-- We can't wait for September's First Friday--we hear it's going to be "Tasty"

                                 Check out these great pics by Kyle Collins and see more of his photos