Wednesday, March 28

"Album Cover of the Week"--Foreigner

This British-American rock band was formed in 1976 and released their debut album titled Foreigner in 1977.  It sold over 4 million copies in the U.S. alone and stayed in the top 20 for a year.  These guys know how to rock it and they are still at it--check out this 2008 performance of our favorite song from this retro LP, then come pick up your copy of this vintage vinyl at OCT.

You can find these guys at Booth #26

Rock On

Monday, March 26

Feeling Froggy?

Check out this Vintage Frog that vendor #32 brought in this week---how retro cool is he--we were feeling froggy and thought you might like to share the mood--all eyes on you!

We luv our Retro Frog
Booth #32

How cool is this 3-D Tree Frog!

Everybody's Favorite Frog

Saturday, March 24


Love this quote and thought it kinda fit Marilyn--see if you agree!

Wise Words via richesforrags

love this dress--thanks to richesforragss

Find Marilyn at OCT

Thursday, March 22

"Unique this week"--Vintage Art

We have a great collection of Vintage Art Work at OCT--here's a sampling but you need to come see for yourself, because there is much more to choose from.
To fully enjoy the art click on each pic to enlarge!

Monday, March 19

Happy Spring

Vintage Mason Jars, Pretty Vases, Flowers, and Books---you can recreate these scenes of Spring--Visit us at OCT where we've got  the goods.  Hope you enjoy these pics from idlewild-south and Happy Spring!

Saturday, March 17

Heads Up

Things are looking up at OCT and these chicks prove it.  We are all about vintage hats and Vendor #16 has a great selection.  We just had to snap some pics of this display--we love it and you will too!
Be sure you click on the pics to enlarge--you 'll want to see these gals close up.

Heads Up

Come by OCT to get ahead!

Unconventional Chic--"Milly Style"

Dress the Part---we can spot a retro gal in a Milly minute--Crystal was at OCT today checking out the vintage vinyl in Booth #26--she loves all things retro and especially albums from the 70's--Led Zeppelin anyone?  As it turns out Crystal is from the 'Ville but she moved away a while ago and only gets back to visit about once a year.  She did not miss a chance to stop by OCT where she found a great book--The Beatles--and some vintage threads to add to her "Milly Style"--Crystal, come back soon and thanks for the vintage vibe!

Way cool style!

Lovely in Lace--"Milly Style"

Meet Danielle--she is a loyal OCT customer and she was looking lovely today in this lace top from our neighbor's  boutique-- we love Jack and Darcy and so does Danielle-- check them out here

Danielle is a well known photographer and she and her hubby have a studio just a few doors down from OCT.  She loves OCT and we love her too--check out her work here fieldsphotographyandframing and here  Danielle is a big supporter of our downtown neighborhood and she has definitely got that "Milly Style"--Way to go girl and come back any time!

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

We're feeling green--Retro Green

In honor of St. Patrick's Day we give you green--Retro Green that is!
We're guessing early 70's--come get your green on with our retro style dress,
find it in Booth #4.

Rocking Retro Green

You're never too young to shop at OCT--Mia was in yesterday with her mom, her grand and her great grand!  They were having a blast checking out out our goods from the past---Mia is a cutie-pie and with that head band and her smiles--she's got that "Milly Style"

Milly Style Mia

Fun at OCT!

Tuesday, March 13

It's all about the Hats--"Milly Style"

You know we love vintage and retro style hats at OCT.  We have a ton of them to choose from-- for the guys and the gals.  When we think of hats--this guy comes to mind.  He is always wearing one and we definitely get that vintage vibe.  You've probably seen him around--he is the co-owner of Amici and he is the drummer in a well known band called Stokeswood.  He agreed to a few pics to show us some of his hat collection--check it out-- and them come pick out a hat for yourself at OCT. Thanks Jon--we love your "Milly Style"

Be sure you click on these pics to enlarge them so you can fully appreciate these great hats!

Classic Fedora

His favorite is a driving cap

What a cool sign!

Happy Hour?

Amici--check it out here

Ross Daniel
(aka Mr. GCSU/
gets the menu board ready

What a deal--Thanks Jon Joiner

Here's the band and you guessed it
Jon's on the far right--the one in the cool hat
Stokeswood--check them out here

Monday, March 12

Color Karma--Going Green

We are going green for St Patrick's Day--and you can too--come get your green on at OCT!

Bejeweled Troll Doll--Booth #8

Love this Gnome in the front window

Has anybody seen the Mouse in the green apple ?

This Hummingbird is flying
around the front window too! 

Jewelry in the center aisle
love the green bangle

Sunday, March 11

"Album Cover of the Week"

Lionel Richie--Can't Slow Down--it was his 2nd album released in 1983 and it was special--#1 on Billboard Charts--won a Grammy and sold 15 million copies.  Check out our favorite song from this album here're going to love the 80's hair, clothes and dance moves. (What were we thinking in the 80's?)
This LP can be yours with a trip to Booth # 48.  Lionel is waiting!

You gotta love Lionel

Lionel today with his daughter Nicole

Trunk Show--Before and After

We've been wanting to show you what our customers do with some of the things they buy at OCT and today we got the perfect chance--Vanessa came in to do some shopping with a friend and found this vintage footlocker style trunk. She plans to use it at the foot of her bed and she definitely added a special touch when she upholstered the inside and polished the brass--We say Wow-- We are lovin the finished product.  Come find that special item you've been looking for at OCT--best place in Milly for Vintage, Retro and Unique!

Trunk from Booth #4 --Before &
After Vanessa worked her magic!

Pull up a chair

You might want to sit down for this one--unexpected uses for everyday items--art can be fun!  Come see for yourself--visit OCT for an eclectic mix of vintage finds and artful accents to add decorative fun to your home!

Chair on the wall--Why not?
Booth #4

See--We're not the only ones with this idea

The Art Nest-Booth #4

Shoe Gazing--"Milly Style"

Feeling like Spring?  Check out these floral oxfords that Anna had on--she and her mom made a special trip to OCT to purchase a vintage camera she had seen in the store last week--Anna is into photography and collects vintage cameras, looks like she is also into cute shoes and bags-- see what you think about her "Milly Style".

We love these shoes!

You know we've got a thing for owls

Speaking of Spring--Caphale was looking fun and flirty in this cute pink floral dress she had on-- and the pearls she tried on from Booth #48 added a touch of class! She was checking out the "Book Nook"--Booth #8-- and she said this "Bunny Book" brought back lots of memories.  We love her Spring look and her "Milly Style".

Pretty in Pink

Caphale in Pearls

Thursday, March 8

Goodbye Whitney

We just found out today that one of our favorite models and a longtime customer of OCT is moving away from Milly---we just had to give her a fond farewell.  She loves vintage clothes and all things retro and she has truly got that hipster style! We're going to miss her but we know she will be back to visit and shop at OCT--thanks for the memories--"Milly Style"

Her bags are packed

Whit is one hip chick!

Rocking her Retro Style

Monday, March 5

Got to share this

We could not resist sharing these photos from Goorin Brothers Blog.  This is a hat company that we were introduced to when Phil from Utah stopped by one day.
He was wearing a Goorin Hat-- and when we checked them out on line, this site became one of our inspirational blogs.  Their latest post reminds us of how beautiful and stylish hats can be.  Don't forget to click on these pics to enlarge the photos of these wonderful hats!

 More hats here

Check out this video from Goorin

And here's some of our hats--we have quite a few--we are quite sure we have just the right one for you!

Rachel's hat from Booth #48

Helen Marie's hat from Booth #4

Jeremiah's hat from Booth #4

Phil from Utah
Thanks for introducing us to
Goorin Hats