Wednesday, April 3

Our Town--Heart and Soul

The Heart and Soul Tour was a huge success. The dignitaries, movers and shakers who were on the bus got a fantastic welcome and enjoyed a wonderful tour of Downtown Milledgeville today. They were impressed, and rightfully so--the red carpet was rolled out and our town was the Star.  We should all be proud of our great town and thanks to the Main Street Gang for providing such a great experience for our visitors!

Here's a look at some scenes from the Tour and check out video from the send off compliments of the Union Recorder here

Chalk Art photo compliments of Main Street

This visitor was red carpet ready

Here they come

Downtown Milly--Be Proud

Thanks GMC cadets

GC cheers on the Tour Group

Thunder had a great time

Main Street Celebrities on the Red Carpet

Milly Love

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