Wednesday, September 26

"The Vinyl Underground"

Check out this story by Scott Carranza in the Georgia College newspaper The Colonade, about one of our favorite subjects-- Vintage Vinyl.  Scott agrees that the quest for retro albums is alive and well right here in the 'Ville.  We also appreciate the shout out to OCT as a great place to pick up your favs.  This is definitely one of ours--Iron Butterfly's Ball.  It was released in 1969 after the enormous success of  "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"  and the album quickly reached #3 on the charts and was certified gold in March of '69. For all you psychedelic rock fans these are your guys, and guess what-- they're still touring.  Check out their web site here .  And what about these amazing posters---Luv the retro look. Come see us at OCT and this rock album can be yours!


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