Sunday, September 23

Favorite Mag--"Garden and Gun"

We just got the newest issue of our favorite mag in the mail yesterday--"Garden and Gun"--if you have never seen it you must check it out (it's sold at the new Kroger in the 'Ville).  Don't let the name fool you-- the magazine covers lots more than just Gardens and Guns.  It's about all things Southern--Music, Art, Food, Clothes, Home Decor  and much, much more.  We love it, and if you're lucky you may come across a few of the back issues for sale at OCT--Booth 4.  And while we are on the subject of magazines--several of the vendors at OCT sell back issues of their favorite mags for great prices (much less than newstand pricing) so come check it out and see if you can find your favs.

New Issue

Our kind of Music!

Mint Julep anyone?

Fav back issue--gotta love a pecan pie!

Hunting and Outdoor Sports are often featured

You'll find lots of outdoor pics like this

For more G and G be sure to visit their blog
and check out their facebook and pinterest page

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