Friday, June 22

It's all in the details--"The Baldwin"

We promised to follow the progress of The Baldwin,  Milledgeville's new loft style apartment building right in the heart of downtown Milly.
 Here are some recent photos and some information about the namesake--The Baldwin Hotel circa 1908.

The Baldwin Hotel

Mrs. Emmie Jackson, mother of Oliver Hardy,  took charge of the new Milledgeville Hotel in 1908.  Mrs Adah Austin had the hotel remodeled in 1908 and the name changed to Baldwin Hotel. The entrance was made on Greene St. and two businesses were to be on Wayne St. (see photo) In 1909 the Milledgeville post office occupied the front on the first floor.  In 1910 The Milledgeville Hotel Company was chartered by M. A. and Alice Evans McCraw. In 1910 Oliver Hardy's mother operated  the hotel when Oliver worked at The Electric Theater across the street.  E. T. Milligan was the proprietor in 1913, The hotel was torn down in 1970. 

The Baldwin
Things are looking up!

The Baldwin
It's all in the details

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