Sunday, April 1

A Magnificent Bird

Peacocks have special meaning to those of us who call Milledgeville home. Forever linked to the memory of famous author Flannery O'Connor and her beloved home Andalusia-- we honor her with this special photo from idlewild-south--we hope you enjoy the pictures and the links about this historic figure
who lived in and loved our town.
Be sure you click on the photo to fully enjoy this magnificent bird!

Flannery on the front steps of
her home with one of her Peacocks
Find out more about Andalusia here andalusiafarm

Proud Peacock at OCT

Peacock Vase at OCT

We love the colors in this Peacock plate at OCT

Find our more about Flannery and her
Andalusia home here

Interesting Flannery Art by Jesse Hamm
found here

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