Saturday, April 21

Fall Line Farmers Market

If you have not been yet-- you must go.  The Fall Line Farmers Market is now being held every Saturday in the parking lot behind the First Presbyterian Church at 210 S Wayne in downtown Milledgeville.  We will let these photos tell the story. Be sure to click on the pics to enlarge and enjoy.  We bet you'll be at the market next Saturday!

Radishes from The Little Farm

Rutabagas from The Little Farm

The Little Farm has Jelly too!

Salamander Springs Farms

Free taste of Apple Butter Jam
from Salamander

Herb Bundles
from Salamander

Brad and Megan are the
Farm Mangers at elmstreetgardens 

Onions from Elm Street Gardens
check out their blog here elmstreetgardens.blogspot

Carrots from Elm Street Gardens
check out Brad and Megan's blog here

Get more info here

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