Saturday, January 28

Kool Kat--"Milly Style"

David stopped by OCT today to check out our vintage vinyl.  He is always on the lookout for 70's Jazz and he found a great LP today that was definitely on his must have list--The Genius of Eddie Harris.  Eddie was an American Jazz Musician from Chicago who was best known on the Sax.
Listen and Learn here turn the volume way up!

David had that effortless cool--old school look--we love the retro hat.  It's his "good vibe" hat--a gift from his best friend.  And what about his authentic leather Coach messenger bag--a hand me down from his dad!  This one is vintage, but you can score your own here  This was one Kool Kat--and we're glad he stopped by!

Kool Kat in the retro hat!
Album from Booth #13

Eddie Harris photo from 

David and his messenger bag

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