Sunday, May 12

How to enlarge your B&W photos

Bet you noticed those great historical photos on display in the windows in downtown Milledgeville, we love it and thought we would let you in on the secret on how they were done. You would assume that blowing up photos that large would be quite costly--think again.  By using "blueprint" copies you can achieve this project very economically.  Inspired by several blogs who shared this technique--the Main Street folks made these giant blueprint copies to decorate the windows of this empty store front and share these historic photos of downtown Milledgeville with all of us. Staples in Macon is the closest place we have found to get this done but the price will make the drive well worth it.  Try it for yourself and send us some photos when you do and we'll share them here--how fun!

more info here

get the details here

they did it too

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