Sunday, May 13

Far Out--Funky--Fun

This post combines some far out and funky decor that you can find at OCT along with some fun pics from a favorite restaurant/bar in downtown Milly called Buffingtons-- aka "The Buff".  We love the hip decor at "The Buff" and we think you will love the funky pieces you can find for your own decor at OCT.  A great combo of Far Out, Funky, Fun and great Milly Style!

Told you we've got Funky!

Vintage is the theme

Copper Lettering--We call it Art!

Neon Nights

Cool and Quirky--Folk Art at OCT

Far Out--Funky--Fun
We're not lion!

For the Record--OCT loves "The Buff"

This guy says-- "What happens at The Buff stays at The Buff"

Rock and Roll Royalty hanging out at OCT

Art is Fun at OCT

Atmosphere is Everything

Neon Summer

Think outside the box--Vintage art

How about Orange?
Eye Candy at OCT

Another view of The Moose
Go Big or Go Home!

This one's for you

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