Sunday, February 26

Boho Illustrated

We loved Abby's Boho look and she loves shopping at OCT.  She stopped by with her mom on Saturday and she agreed to let us snap a pic of her laid back style. We thought the locket/ watch necklace was vintage but it was new--and it came from Nordstorm--a gift from a really good friend --a friend with great taste we might add!  We love Abby's "Milly Style" and she was such a sweetheart--we hope our Boho girl will come back soon!

Boho Abby
The chair is from Booth #50

Lovely locket watch

Nicole Richie has a look that is synonymous with Bohemian Style--if you like the look --come see us at OCT--we've got a great selection of vintage and retro clothes and accessories and we can provide the threads to make you Boho Chic just like Abby and Nicole!

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